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One Thing Series | Day 164: Locked in the House and Winning

by | Karl Bryan, ONE THING Series | 0 comments

Yesterday I told you that … email writin, business coach elevatin, no outside walkin, podcast streamin, kiss givin, hug stealin, pandemic hatin, no belly button havin, ex hockey playin, no park vistin, Ric Flair lovin….
… Karl Bryan, was a stoic.
Yes, I just referred to myself in the third person.
My wife reads all this and will put me in the corner for 15 minutes with a dunce cap for that.
Speaking of dunce caps is there a tax I can pay to stop this virus or is that just for Global Warming?
Asking for a friend.
5 reasons you’re coaching clients are not winning right now.
They think they’re entitled to everything
They haven’t made WINNING life and death
They’re not willing to give anything up to WIN
They lack the discipline required to WIN
They’re afraid to be ‘them’
I suppose I can add a 6th….
They’re locked in their house HAHA.
Actually, if I didn’t laugh, I’d cry on number 6 but hey…
The bottom line, it is what it is right now, and will be over soon enough and you and your clients need to be sharpening the saw.
But, do know, that if you accept losing… you won’t win.
The end.
You heard it here first.
Obsessed with your business coaching success,
Karl Bryan aka King Karl
PS. My horoscope this week:
‘You will be spending time in your home.’
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