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BCS: 154 | Competitive Advantage For High-End Clients + Starting Blocks – Solved

starting blocks

Business Coaching Secrets with Karl Bryan


BCS 154: In this episode, Karl answers questions about:

– Competitive advantage for high-end clients

– How to get over the starting block and get your first client?

And more…

Karl Bryan helps business coaches get clients. Period.

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(transcription is auto-generated)

Episode 154

[00:00:00] Karl: Welcome to business coaching secrets with Karl Bryan. If you want to attract new high-end coaching clients, fill live events and build a wildly profitable coaching practice where business owners pay, stay and refer. You come to the right place in this podcast. Karl provides his keys to the kingdom for finding insights. High paying clients and building the coaching business of your dreams. Here we go.

[00:00:43] Christian: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls coaches around the world. Welcome to business coaching secrets. It’s your point road dog with none other than the man. Coaching legend, the Elon Musk of business coaching. Karl Brian, welcome to the shelf shoots. 

[00:01:01] Karl: Well, dang. It sounds a bit like a compliment given the events of just recently and rather than a doctor, I’ve gone from doctor to Elon Musk opaque it shoots. I’ll take it. 

[00:01:13] Christian: Hi, there it is bud. You know what if it’s one thing I am it’s full of compliments. It’s better than other things I’ve been accused of being. We’ll let that sink in for a second, probably right over your head. But this is what happens when you’re five foot two, listen, that isn’t like that image I sent you, right?

Like there is so folks, I always make fun of Carl for being short because you know, he is. And there’s a great one that this meme that I saw that said be the bigger man and said, well, first off, I’m fine. So pretty good. 

[00:01:51] Karl: Pretty good. Saturday morning, ladies and gentlemen, that was my Saturday morning. Wake up road dogs, enemy that. So every 

[00:02:01] Christian: you’re welcome. So there you go. All right. Listen, speaking. Of the Elon Musk intro. What do you think of you buying a potting into Twitter? Like a, possibly even a, a seat at the table, which I’ve actually heard this morning. He’s probably not going to take, but Elon buying it. What are your, what are your thoughts on that before we get into some business coaching questions? 

[00:02:21] Karl: Probably a good way to start. So he’s, he is now the single largest shareholder kind of wild. You know what I think Elan look, he’s crazy, but I think he’s crazy calculated. And I think he does very little without a well thought out plan, despite the way that it appears.

But do you understand that attention matters and all eyeballs on Elon pretty consistently, whether he’s smoking pot or whatever he’s doing, but eyes are on Elon you know, remember a strategy. Don’t know that it’s relevant here, but being really smart and pretending to be stupid is a really, really good strategy.

You know, something along the lines of the smoking weed, there there’s an argument to say that that was actually know I’m not going to say that that was overly calculated, but absolutely could have been part of his plan and ended up working out pretty damn well for him and had some serious views or you know, people listening to his Joe Rogan podcast.

But anyway, so I think he does very little without a bit of a, you know, a thought out plan. He’s also legging. I’m not pretending to be the biggest, you know, I’m not the Elon Musk follower or as best bud. That knows what he’s up to by any stretch. But I dunno, road dog. Here’s what I saw. What happened.

Like he criticizes Twitter. He then talked about launching his own social media platform and then he goes, Very soon after he buys a majority stake in Twitter, right? The one that he was criticizing, but wasn’t criticizing Facebook. He was criticizing Twitter. And then talking about starting, you know, launching his own social media platform.

And then he buys a majority. And then they admit them to the board. So that happened, you know, depending upon when you’re listening to this, but that was last week and they’ve declines the board seat and makes no official comment, like just declined. Right. It’s kinda wild. And by the way, and if you’re wondering, why did he decline that?

He, I mean, again, I don’t know, but I don’t know that too many people know, but he didn’t, if he would assign those, if he would’ve taken a seat on the. He would have been signing something to say that he get only own less. I think it was 14.9, but like less than 15% of the company shares while he was a board member.

So I think that he’s passing up that opportunity for that reason. And he’s got the money to go buy plenty of it. And I think Twitter is going to boom road, dog. I don’t know what you think, but I think it’s going to absolutely boom. You know, it’s a million times more popular than people in the internet marketing and the coaching world realized that I’ll tell you if you sit down with a VC and the guy, let’s just say, you know, he’s worth a hundred million.

That guy he’s not on Facebook that guy’s on Twitter. Okay. Again, Elon Musk is not hanging out and talking about Facebook. He’s talking about Twitter again, understanding, you know, the calculation of it. All he could have bought into Facebook and be so choosed. He could’ve bought into Instagram. He could’ve bought into tick-tock.

He chose Twitter, right? So Twitter is a lot more popular than people realize. It’s official that I think it struggles, you know, it’s, it’s got some bad management road dog. That’s just seems to be the way it’s been for a long time. It also has a toxic what I believe to be a toxic left agenda of censorship.

It’s got censorship is part of the problem. Right. And they ignore all criticism for, you know, features that it’s kind of lacking as a general platform. So, so I don’t know they’re gonna make some of those changes and I think Twitter is going to absolutely. You know, and think about he invested $3 billion, but it depends upon when you’re listening.

I mean, he’s already up big time and so it’s not like it’s, again, he, you know what I mean? Like he invested the dough, but he’s already made the turn. So, I mean, the guy can sends out one little tweet and things change in the stock market. It’s kind of wild, wild. So I think he’s going to make. As he’s done elsewhere.

So, so that’s what I think road, dog, I didn’t get it’s very calculated is what he’s doing. And I think it’s going to have a happy ending let’s let’s see. But Twitter, you know, this is about to go up in status. 

[00:06:25] Christian: There you go. It’s all about the happy ending. Isn’t a Karl.

Oh, man. I got a script before we do this podcast. Sometimes I swear to God, let’s get back on track here. Where should I go? Here’s here’s what’s a competitive back. I’m going to learn to read this week. That’s going to put that right at the top of my list. Once a competitive advantage that you seen for business or something to work towards with high-end clients.

There’s a good question. What would be a competitive advantage or something to work towards with high-end clients, which by the way, I’d be curious what your definition of a high-end client is, but I’ll leave that with you. 

[00:07:15] Karl: Well, I think a high end, like I would say 20, or, you know, at a grand a month, that’s 12 grand 1500 you’re at 18, I’d say 18, you know, for a high end client.

We’ve, you know, we’ve got coaches that charge 10 grand a month. And take a piece we’ve got newbies that are, you know, starting out of a thousand a month and making sure that everybody’s protected, you know, and that the business owner’s not going to over invest in that the coach doesn’t have, you know, too, too much pressure initially at a grand a month.

I mean, anybody can provide, or anybody can return you know, provide a return a thousand dollars a month, 12 grand a year. It’s easy-peasy, we’ve got all of that training. So road dog, I’m going to say, you know, about 12 grand for sure. But maybe 18 grand and upwards, you know, five grand a month is 60 grand a year.

That would be a high end client. So competitive advantage there. I think he got, I think you’ve got to compartmentalize it. Like, I think you gotta be thinking mark, you know, just, if you throw everything in, you know, you put it all in one little pot and mix it together. I don’t know that you’d, you’d get the answer or the.

The outcome that your client might be looking for. So I think maybe marketing operations and mindset might be your three baskets. But by the way, when I’m, wouldn’t like being unique as a frame, like unique and being good, you know, being. Well, all should always be the highest priority that will win over time.

Right. So you’ve got to be unique to stand out and then you’ve gotta be good if you, if your client’s not going to be good and you’re not going to be good, like what a cook most coaches don’t why do most coaches not make it? The truth is that they’re not that good. And it’s not that they’re not that good.

They’re not committed to being good. Cause it’s really not that bloody. Right. So, so that should be at the absolute forefront, but thinking marketing operations, mindset, marketing, you know, rather than try to be unique and create a different way, like try to create a different way of doing things. So rather than better, faster and more efficient.

Although those things are a start and better than nothing. You know, think of a unique way of doing things. You probably get a little bit more attention when like we built profit acceleration software. So when we train our coaches, we’re not, you know, it’s not just become the best coach. You can be.

That’s part of it will elevate you with a hundred percent certainty if you spend five minutes with us, but we have a software and a methodology and a jumpstart 12, and then a deep dive for. And then we built digital acceleration software and we’ve got rude coaching software and even watch our guided tour as you see it all bundled together.

And it’s like, no one, like no one else is doing it in that manner. Right. Like we basically what we invented a software for business coaching. Right. So, so thinking about that as like a unique way of doing things, maybe it’s P90X. I remember when they came in. And they talked about muscle confusion, which I thought was awesome and totally different way of working out and think of it as fooling your muscles and basically getting massive gains without having to have huge weights or Gatorade back in the day they had, like everybody had like a drink, but then they had electrolyte.

So it was all about the electrolytes, the electric plates. Right. Nike, I remember when they had the. The waffle style soul and came out again totally different, a different way of doing it. And because of that soul you know, in the physics behind it, it made it, you know, made you faster, made you more efficient, Yeti, Yeti, Yeti what would be another it’s like I remember my wife, well, she had an Invisalign actually, not that long ago.

And I remember they had, what was it like smart track material. And then smart track, or maybe it was smart force features that were like clinically proven to provide predictable tooth movement. And of course, without wearing braces, because what’s, what’s the drawback of wearing braces is that you’re wearing braces.

Right. So anyway, so a busy line, it, wasn’t just, we’re going to make your teeth straight and a totally different way of doing it. So I’d be thinking about, you know, when you’re thinking marketing, thinking. You know, thinking of a different way. And then if you were to say operations and business I would definitely, we talked about this lots in the past, but could never talk about it.

Enough network effects. So as a frame, Most things that you buy go to zero the minute you buy them. Okay. So think toothpaste, you take the lid off, goes to zero, a bottle of water. You crack the lid. Don’t take one, sip. The bottle just went to zero because the next person’s not going to be willing to buy it, right.

Hand cream, same thing, whatever you buy. Most of the things that you buy, as soon as you take the lid off, as soon as they have a small amount of. They pretty much go to zero, right. Or a car is not quite like that, but it loses 30% of value when you sign the papers, but that’s not toothpaste. That’s you know, 25, 50, a hundred, $250,000 asset that falls 30%.

As soon as you sign the paperwork, right. You don’t have to buy it and you just have to sign the paperwork. So thinking network effects this is operationally. These are the things that. You want to network effects that definition. And again, had this in the past, but it’s a, it’s a beauty, like think of a telephone, the more users that take on the asset or take on the thing, the better the user experience comes for the people that follow.

Okay. So think of a phone. I got a phone and nobody else has a phone. It’s pretty useless. Write something. It’s like a video game, video game. In my hand, if road dog has a phone, I have a phone. It’s good for him. It’s good for me. That’s a walkie talkie, but not really good for you. If you’ve got a phone, I’ve got a phone road.

Dog has a phone and everybody in the city has a phone. Ooh, that’s getting pretty functional. If everybody in the states got a phone. Significantly more valuable to me. What if everybody in the country has a phone more valuable to me as an existing user? What if everybody on the planet has got a phone and now think about how, how functional it becomes.

So that would be the opposite of you know, the toothpaste where you take the lid off and it’s done. Right. So, so think of. When more listeners on Airbnb attract more renters on Airbnb, which attracts more listers on Airbnb, which attracts more renters on Airbnb, which attracts more listers. And you end up with an intro kind of trade in henna, tradable business, right?

Like, I don’t know, try, go try, compete with Airbnb right now. Right? Like where, where are you going to put your house? You’re going to put, you might go on what is it? BRBO but you’re going to, you’re not going to go on BRBO and then not be on Airbnb. Right. Uber is another example because the riders attract good drivers looking to make a decent living, which lowers the wait time, which attracts good drivers, which attracts more riders, which lowers the wait time, even further, which attracts more riders, which attracts more good drivers.

It’s like a flywheel, right? So it gets bigger and faster as it grows. I mean, Uber literally crushed the taxi industry that was a hundred years old and, you know, put it out like a cigarette. I mean, that’s an exaggeration, but. If you could own one company, you know, that, you know, a yellow cab or Uber, which one are you buying?

And we all know the answer. And then wrote Doug. So the heavyweights and the network effect world would say a value. I’m going to say it, a value of a network is equal to the number of members squared. So what do I mean if Airbnb has 20 million users? I got no idea. I’m sure it’s more than that.

Doesn’t matter if Airbnb has 20 million users and then it goes to 40 million as in it doubles right. 20 to 40 million. The value of Airbnb does not go. You know, it’s not a two X, multiple, it’s a four X multiple, multiple, because the bigger it gets, the harder it is to compete with. Right? So it becomes more predictable, more sustainable out of the four hour talk at a business coaching mastery last year.

And I’m in Cancun. I did a talk on, you know, buying and selling it. Wasn’t all about buying and selling companies, but that played a major part of that. And we talked about like two words, predictable and sustainable is what increases the multiple that you get for. So, so that, and that make sure that I’m not confusing, the multiple that I was just talking about and then the multiple to buy it.

What I’m just talking about is the multiple of the value of the network. So again, you don’t get a two X, multiple, you get a four X multiple when you go from 20 to 40 million users, right? Tik TOK works on network effects, Facebook. Oh, your Instagram does YouTube. Google, you know, once a network has traction like this and it stayed the biggest in the niche, it’s almost impossible.

To penetrate it’s in fact, almost impossible to compete with. And again, just use Google as an example, you can say that they know some of these other guys are competing with them, but the truth is that Google dominates. And if you’ve ever tried to Google, like search something on a different You know, search engine and then gone to Google.

I would, you’re generally speaking, you’re going to get a significantly better result in my opinion doing it on Google. It’s just, and why, because that’s where all the searches are. It’s not because it has a lot to do with their algorithm. It’s superior, but it’s the fact that there’s so many more searches.

So it has so much more of the artificial intelligence and whatnot has so much. Right. So the first time you did a search on Google, it was never as dumb as it was in that moment. Right? Like artificial intelligence always gets smarter with more use, just get smarter. So it’s never dumber than this on day one.

So just think of how so. Google is right now because they’ve, they’ve seen it all. Whereas the other search engines haven’t idea. It’s impenetrable. I mean, just look at YouTube, Facebook, Airbnb, Amazon, eBay, Craigslist. Let’s just that’s it. So, so complimentary to those may be listening. Okay. So we’ve got coaches.

Here’s not anywhere near that. But you, you may or may not realize, but part of the power of going from one to one to one to many, and I want to take you, what is the what’s up major? What do you want to say? Supplementary intangible? Like what, what does a major advantage that comes from going one-to-one from one to many, apart from the obvious leverage.

Okay. Let me tell you what it is. It’s the, the higher perceived the value of your one. As in it’s easier to sell and that a significantly higher ticket value. Right? So the main part of what you may or may not realize from a compounding perspective, is that going from one-to-one to one-to-many it’s clearly you got more, you got leveraged, right?

Because instead of going one to one, you could do 10 people at a time, 25 at a time, 50 at a time. Okay. And then you’d do your Mo you know, do your math, and you’re going to work out that you can make more money in a group setting, but a massive. Intangible there is the easier it is to sell your high ticket stuff.

The same way. When I sold coaching, I, I would not, I had a rule. I would not take on a one-to-one coaching client if they didn’t see me talking about. And the whole idea is there was a level of respect that they had a level of compliance, that they were willing to follow that some of the others that I get, like I would get a referral.

And then rather than just signing them up straight away, which may have made sense, I would get them to come to an event. So they saw me talking, as I spoke, I said, write this down. People wrote it down. I said, stand up. They stand up. I said, sit down. And they sat down. I said, raise your hand. They raised their hand.

There’s a level of power. Hard to explain. So when you try something with a client and let’s say that it doesn’t work as well as you planned or you’d hoped, well, they’ll give you significantly more leeway, like your cancellations and your, the longevity, the retention of your clients significantly greater.

So, so anyway, so that’s that, that perceived value is worth noting. And, and again, and you can imagine for, you know, I have some folks that have offered me a lot of money to work one to one. And it’s just look, it’s a hard, no, it’s not even a conversation. Cause I just, I’m building a company here. I don’t have time to do one-to-one coaching on a weekly basis, but I can tell you that it’s, you know, going by that, you know, we have over a thousand clients it it’s attractive.

So for you, forget me. What about you? That’s it. And by the way, also, if you’re a speaker, you know, that’s like say you go to an event and you could be sitting in the crowd or you could be on stage. Okay. The network effect. I want you to think of. You know, being in the know, being in the inner circle, let’s call it, you know, being able to go to the VIP events and getting, you know, the closed doors parties and the closed door, get togethers and that sort of thing.

Getting an invite there, that’s like a network effect where you become significantly more attractive. It’s like the singer of every rock man. Right after the show, is he struggling to get a date? We all know the answer, right? The fact that he’s up on stage is kind of that intangible. That’s not, I don’t want to call that network effects apple to apple, but it’s pretty close.

And you might want to be thinking about that. Like getting into the chamber and becoming a big deal, getting into BNI, becoming a big deal, getting into the golf club and becoming the big deal. Getting into the yacht club, becoming a big deal, you know, being in the inner crowd that can provide you. Some huge perceived value that could work in the way that network effects does, where yeah.

It just, just works in your favor. Hopefully you’re picking up what I’m putting down. So strategically, are you taking time to go and do that, but bottom line from operations standpoint, competitive advantage help your client become part of that inner scene or certainly consider it may or may not make sense.

And most definitely their business. Try, go to a group dynamic. You know, have you got a chiropractor? Is he doing backtalk, get a physiotherapy? They do an educational thing. Have they written a book? Are they doing webinars? They doing speaking events. Are they, and when they do, are they promoting it?

Is there a magazine for the industry and are they, you know, in that inner sanctum and looking at getting on the front cover, et cetera, that’s the kind of stuff that could work in an intangible way and then mindset road, dog moving on to the third one. So we had marketing operations and mindset.

There is more we could talk about, but keep it under control here, mindset, like by a long way, no one ever gets this. Right. I often ask it in a library and I think we might’ve even said this in the, not too recent past on the podcast road dog, but like what’s the ultimate competitive advantage mindset wise.

If I ask them room a hundred people, they’ll put up their hand and I’ll hear a character. Communication, you know, that sort of thing, and it doesn’t matter what we’re talking about here. It doesn’t need to be business. It could be sports, politics, war, Hollywood, baseball, basketball, you know, basket weaving business.

The ultimate competitive advantage is the ability to see the entire playing field, the end, the ultimate competitive advantage mindset-wise which debatably is the absolute. Absolute most important, right. Is the ability to see the entire plank a little bit, like we were talking about Elon Musk a minute ago.

I just think that he sees, I think that he sees things he’s, he’s playing three steps ahead of where he’s at. Everybody’s looking at what he’s up to. That is not the way to live. To analyze you know, an individual like Elon Musk you know, like his behavior do not look at what he is doing. Believe me.

He is three steps ahead of everybody and that’s where. You know, he probably there’s a debate to say he made the guys at Twitter, look pretty foolish pretty quick by them publicly offering him a seat and him very publicly denying it, but then not doing anything public about it. Just like, nah, that’s okay.

I’m just gonna sit back here and everybody’s wondering, wondering, wondering, right. So anyway, so the words of my mentor, three words, stop and think stop and think hard to do, you know, there’s urgent and important. Urgent, always wins and important needs to win. In fact road, Doug had billions what’s the guy’s name, prince.

Somebody comes in and says that you know, this book is slamming you, you know, and like, you know, you’re a terrible guy, a blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then he says, what did he say? Make me a letter, but it’s something that effective. Okay. That’s, you know, that’s, what’s urgent, but let’s talk about what’s important.

Alright, lets him like, he’s like whatever, who cares? Somebody, you know, like you know, somebody who works with us is saying bad things about me that I’m trying to think of her name, you know, she’s the Tony Robbins of the office. Right. Anyway, so, so he’s like, yeah, this is urgent, but let’s work on what’s important.

And I don’t think people are taking the time to do that. And that is a game changer. So top of mine, road, dog, top of mine. There you go. Speaking of mine. 

[00:23:48] Christian: I, I just, I want to dive in, cause somebody asked a question in regards to, you know, how do you help someone stuck in the starting blocks struggling to get their first client?

Obviously this is a mindset type of a 

[00:23:58] Karl: scenario. Right. 

[00:24:00] Christian: But I just think it’s a great sort of transition here. So what do you, what do you say again? I it’s sort of an open question. I don’t know if they’re talking about a coach or if they’re talking about helping a client, I’m going to assume it’s a 

[00:24:13] Karl: coach.

Can you 

[00:24:15] Christian: help me, help me to help someone stuck in the starting blocks, struggling to get their first client. 

[00:24:21] Karl: Okay. Yeah. That’s a business coach or as my opinion, I don’t know what you think, but I believe that’s a business coach go and help. Yeah, strong possibility. You know, you won’t get out of the starting blocks or hit your goal.

You know, your mind is getting mixed signals, you know, like starting with envy of others, brutal and organically creates like your, your NB creates these multiple you know, roadblocks like day to day. And the result is that you just can’t see yourself on the, you know, the top of the. You know, at the end, they can see yourself winning.

If you really want to become that person that you’ve been dreaming of. And that you’ve seen, and somebody who you see as a mentor and you want to get there, you got to learn to protect your mind. Right. It’s you know, creep, like have a look at your environment. Right? Right. Now just have a word, but hopefully you’re, if you’re in your office right now, even your car, just have a look around at your environment.

Is it calm? Is it provide positive stimulus? You know, like, and it’s in your environment could be free of blame and judgment. Again, that’s a mindset thing on steroids, but like, you know, genuinely expect the best of yourself. No matter what is, does your current environment do that? Right? You’ll, you’ll be remembered.

We did. We just finished a four day event on how to read financial statements and how to find your high end coaching fees before starting with a new high-end client. We just finished that. And one of them. I might have said this last week we had an accountant 35 years, he was opened up multiple times and ended up, you know, participating a bit with you know, with the coach.

He was just really, he was unbelievable. He was great. And So, and he just said, you know, I wish that I would have, well, first of all, what I said last week, I think is that he wished he would have had this stuff decades ago, but then I said something and he said, wow, that really stuck. And it was that you’ll be remembered in life for what you refuse to give up on.

Right. You’re you’re not going to be, here’s the mistake that coaches make that are trying to get going. You’re not going to be remembered for what you experiment with for 90 days to see if it works. If that’s your attitude, like you’ve kind of already lost. The secret is what you’ve got to do. Like you gotta go all in.

Anybody has a private conversation with me and we talk about, you know, what’s the plan for the company and what are you doing? I’m talking. I all like 10 years from now, that’s just totally what I’m focused on. Like I’m, I’m going to get there cause I never going to quit. I’m never going to give up. I’m not going into crypto.

I’m not going to go into real estate. I’m not going to go into whatever it is. Like I am, you know, building software for business, you know, business, coaching, business, consulting that industry, and that’s where I’m going to stay. And it’s, that’s what allows me to be 100% dogmatic. And long-term focused because I just know with them, I’m going to win.

I can’t lose because how could I lose when I’m refused to get. Right. And I, and, but this isn’t, I’m not trying to pat myself on the back in any way, shape or form. My question is, are you sitting there, if you’re honest with yourself assessing whether or not this stuff works or assessing whether or not business coaching is for real assessing whether or not the others are actually making any money, or if they’re full of crap assessing on whether or not the program actually works without actually doing the.

Right. So, so anyways you’ll be what you know was said, that was very, very powerful. Was that by someone with a lot of experience, you’ll be remembered in life. What you refuse to give up on. And my question is, what do you refuse to give up on? And isn’t this, right? And by the way, don’t find it. You got kids, hopefully that’s your kids, for sure.

But think about that. If you took the same attitude as you do towards your kids, with your business, there wouldn’t be any of this, you know, experiment for 90 days who blogs. Also like in your environment, remove as many things as you can from your day-to-day activities. I’ve talked about this, but again, one of those things, I couldn’t talk about enough and by the way, at least for a period of time, if you can’t see yourself doing it, long-term which I think you should, but that’s fine.

But like, you know, you know, certainly eating and snacking for go that to do when, you know, good driving grocery shopping, drinking, partying, you know, start buying pre-made meals, hire. Drive in the back of an Uber instead of driving your own car, you only do it’s absolutely necessary and have all focus energy that you have.

You’ve only got focus and energy and channel it towards a single and clear goal. And we’ll assume that that’s building a successful coaching business and getting that first client and then getting the third and then getting the. Right. And by the way, define exactly what that looks like for you. That might be 10 grand a month for you.

You might be semi retired, not looking to work too hard and 10 grand a month. You want to get five clients or two grand that’s 10 grand a month and never stop. So you feel like you’ve got 10 grand a month for having. Forever and all the way through and retirement, you’d never have to touch your assets, your network, right.

Or, you know, affect your net worth by, you know, selling assets and that sort of stuff. Or is it a hundred grand a month and you really want to crush it and you want to join the seven figure club you to, and I wrote dog, can’t give you that answer. I can’t give you that answer. That’s going to be totally up for you.

And by the way, not for if that’s too much for you to get your head around. You know, do it, you know, not forever, but for an extended period of time, until you maybe start the light, that new routine, by the way, I’m a little star there. Right? Cause that’s what will happen, but just for a PR, give those things away just for a period of time, you know?

And, and again, if you have kids and family, obviously I’m not talking about pushing them out. So don’t misconstrue what I’m saying here, but I am saying, be insanely strategic with your time. If you want to be successful, your otherwise said your distractions are. The end, the end. And then also I’d go to simplicity, like declutter, like I said, you’re in your car, you’re in your office, like declutter your environment, give away everything that doesn’t support your success right in the here, right in the now.

And just get it out of your eyesight. Get it out of your way. Like a. You know, a middle Melissa kind of approach. High-end hire someone to come in and do that major. Clean-out on your living room, your closet, your kitchen, definitely your office, but the cup boards as well, where you’re spending a lot of time in the kitchen and better, better if you do it.

But there’s a good chance that you won’t. So I say, pull out your credit card and pay somebody to come in and do it and bloody do it. Well, just get rid of everything that doesn’t support your success and do nothing. That does not support your success with your energy and with your focus. Right. Sounds a bit trite maybe.

I get to tell you though, my experiences, people have got so much going on and that. Yeah. You know, you’re just guaranteed that you’re, you’re just not gonna, you know, you’re, you’re not going to get, you know, that one client, you can get a one client with a whole bunch of things going on, but to achieve your goal and to get to where you want to go you gotta learn to say, oh, well, Warren Buffett would tell you that you need to say no 90% of the time.

Right. And then, so then we’ll go next to make sure that everything you’re, I can see brings you joy, you know, peace, relaxation. And placed reminders everywhere of how amazing you are. Right. But like, does your environment, if you have a minimalist kind of environment, you’re going to feel like it’s, it’s more calming and relaxing.

If you’ve got a whole bunch of stuff going on, it’s not going to be nearly as, so like your vehicle, you know, get it clean, get it detailed regularly. No matter, I don’t care if you drive a Kia or a high-end day. We’re a BMW or a Ferrari, you know, be proud of those surroundings, right? Like find packaging indicates something of value on the inside and that’s you.

Right. So, and we’ve, you’ve all done it, you clean your car and what happens, it drives better. Right. You clean your office and you feel amazing. Here’s another one road dug I’d say is like music. I’m not, I’m not a huge music guy by the way, but most people are and make sure that the vibration going on around you supports kind of that same, you know, that joy, that happiness that’s, you know, a solid wellbeing.

Like we have a music system across our entire house house and like consider investing in like, there’s really easy to do nowadays, but like consider investing in something in your house and your. And by the way, have playlists on your phone. So you can be strategic about what it is that you’re playing.

And when like Monday should probably have a different vibe than Friday. So create a Monday and then also create a Friday playlist. You know, for your home, for your car, for your phone. Right? And, and by the way, you’re not a music guy like me. Like I find music distracts me, but when I’m zone, like when I’m not working on something specific, like, I don’t want music going on in the background as I’m sending emails, but after I’ve, you know, but afterwards, and when I’m trying to zone out in between projects and that sort of stuff.

And when I walk into the house, I love like, you know, some good music total game changer before this podcast. And before big events, look, I hit ACDC style music hard. Right. So, and what music do you listen to before a sales call before a big meeting before a JB meeting, before you get out of like, what lists, what music you listening into your car before you get out to meet somebody who’s has something of benefit that could potentially go in your favor for your business.

The, the chamber. Gal that sells the memberships, the head of the golf club, the head of the. The head of the, a, B and I group the chamber, right? Like, so, and it should help you get going, right. And above all, look, you gotta start your day. Cause you could, you could do all of that, but you need to have like a clean slate, like Buddhism.

It’s all about, you know, Steve jobs loved this, but Buddhism is all about a constant clean slate. So you’re always starting. Like, everything’s always just clean slate, clean slate, just picture a canvas with a painting. Well, there’s never a Brie paint on it. Just the paint goes on, but then the paint goes off and you get a clean slate.

And then the paint goes on when the paint comes off and you’ve got a clean slate consistently. So in other words, you know, and stuff like you got to stop the judging, the people who judge the most are the most fearful of getting jobs. Lee. And the most people that are most critical of other people are most critical of themselves.

The, the world is a mirror ridiculously predictable. But we tend to not play it to of them, you know, see it as a game. You know, and you can’t change, you know, the past or, you know, at the end of the day, it did get you here. Right. And the alternative by the way is not so good. Right. Not being here. So sure life could be better.

It also be worse. Right. So start with, you know, today and just owning it, being okay with it and map out a game plan, a yellow brick road, a plan for going forward. Right. You’ll you’ll never be, I think it’s mark Cuban said that the best advice his dad gave him, pretty sure this is from him, but what did he say?

You’ll, you’ll never be as young as you are right here in this. Right. And reality is we only have so much time left, right. Treating this special and precious, and there’s just no dress rehearsal with life. So don’t stop living like as though there is, and just start with that little red arrow, you are here, not from where you wish you were or where you want to pretend to be, which is a again, horrific place to be.

You know, coming from then, that’s that, you know, and, you know, start your now and just get rocking and send that first email, send that first private message. Send that first text message. Make the first call, jump in your car and go meet whoever you need to go meet. And you know, focus is not about focus this again.

I went over this on the. The four-day presentation we did on how to read financial statements. Focus is not about focus, focuses about subtraction, focuses about elimination, which is what I’m trying to get here, right? Say no to almost everything. And I don’t know your life to so much easier. So that’s what I say.

Road dug. It said sheer fire away. Make things a little easier, bud, what do you think? And step-by-step, it’s going to make that first call send that 

[00:36:16] Christian: complete sense. I feel like we need to close the loop because I think we need, we should not ignore the impact of everything you’re saying. In regards to body and food.

Okay. Like, are you, are you, 

[00:36:33] Karl: you know, what a good, you know, I didn’t even touch on that. And yeah, high five, cause that they would be the most important, you know, your body’s your temple right road dog knows that he’s supposed to do a. He’s about to do a marathon. He’s he’s on his training. He’s on the uh, uh, the slide down.

You’ll be doing that in about a month, or I think three weeks, right? 21 days, thereabouts. And your body’s your temple. He knows sleep diet meditation exercise. He’s not going to get that. He’s not going to get done that marathon. If he’s not looking after himself treating his body as. Right. And you wouldn’t buy high-end expensive furniture for a cheap house.

You wouldn’t buy an expensive paint job for a cheap car. If your body feels and experiences like you don’t really love it, right? It’s like a cheap temple. What do you expect? That’s going to come back again. The world is. The world is a mirror. And again, I’ll apologize on behalf of you to your body, right?

For the way that you’ve maybe treated over a time. And I have certainly been ridiculously guilty of that at different times in my life. But telling you do it, get a personal trainer now. Right or do 75 heart zillion. I’ll go buy a Peloton and, but don’t buy it and then not use it bloody jump on the thing and start going, start stretching, exercising, know, walking, running, biking you know, and, and by the way, find friends close to you that are doing those.

And if you don’t have those, you’re like, I don’t have anybody in my circle. That’s doing it. Well, you are the five people you spend time with. What do you need to do immediately? Go meet some new ones. The reason you might be there is. You know, those choices of the people that you’re spending the most amount of time with, or not going, hang out with people that look like your future, not your past, right?

Maybe that’s it like when you feel fit, you’re going to look after yourself at a higher level, and you’re organically going to attract other successes and in different areas of your life, like growing your business and making money and making those phone calls and getting those clients. You know, with, with a hundred percent certainty and then by the way, your food, if you eat crap, don’t be surprised when your body doesn’t welcome.

Other successes, the end drop the mic shows over, you know, you gotta say no to processed and boxed food. You know, put up like real food in your body, like clean water, fruits and veggies, and don’t let the fact that your body is insanely resilient. And again, I have been guilty as charged here, but because your body’s resilient, don’t give, you know, don’t let that give you permission to poison, poison it on a consistent basis.

It’s, it’s hard to embrace success for someone we’re trying to, you know, basically. Make it less productive than it was yesterday, right. Putting these crappy foods in it. So, so that road dog, and actually, you know what I’m going to, you know, what you bring up a good point was actually something I was thinking about on the weekend.

And I touched on in our four day event. Like mindlessly chatting with people all about marketing your business, about your gym, routine, about your relationships. Often hear Tony Robbins. Look, we like Tony Robbins. You might love him. You might hate him. Completely irrelevant. Guy’s got great content and it’s given some great advice to a lot of people.

That’s undeniable. And it’s like, he talks about going deep. He likes to go deep quickly with people. He doesn’t like chit-chat and I never really understood that, but I’m totally honest with you. And I just found, you know, like chatting can be like poison, right? Like find a professional to work with and listen to.

And then create a roadmap step by not just to go. A goal is no good without a step-by-step roadmap. You’d be better to create the roadmap and create the goal in a roundabout way. But you need both, right? Let’s just agree on that. You should have a 25 year plan, a 10 year plan, a five-year plan three three-year plan a one year plan a three, and then quarterly goals.

To move towards it and they should all work synergistically towards your 25 year plan. Think about that. You, you may have never drawn that up. You know, your 25 year plan, 10 year, five year, three year, two year, one year, and then a quarterly goals and roadmap to get there, you know, so, but like hire professionals and bloody work with them.

And when they say jump, say how don’t say, why say how high, assuming that you’ve picked the right peers, the right mentors. You know, and, you know, chat with your friends about baseball and sports and whether it’s too hot or too cold, chat them about what you enjoy and leave the growth and business to professionals that are paid to perform.

Someone who smokes finds a fellow smoker to stop smoking, right? Somebody who’s overweight find somebody who’s overweight to start losing weight together. Right? If you’re overweight, find somebody with a six pack. If you’re looking to start jogging, meet road, dog, who’s training, like he’s not going to feel sorry for you.

When you wake up with the sniffles or you had a bad night or you didn’t get a good night’s sleep last night, when it’s time to run on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Alrighty, this is not going to have any pity for you. So you gotta find somebody that looks like your future instead of somebody who looks like your past, use them, right.

Again, a smoker finds a smoker and they decided they’re going to stop smoking together. Does make a lot of sense. So, so that’s what I’d say there road, Doug, I think that in the mindlessly chatting is something that I’ve been again, been thinking about recently. So it’s top of mind. I think we should put that in there also, but, but nice up there yet on the food.

Marty man. Gotta got to look after that bad boy. Nobody knows that better than you, bud. 

[00:41:57] Christian: So just to close the loop on all of this, why don’t you what’s the catch phrase that you close all your emails with again, the 

[00:42:04] Karl: people. Yeah, I haven’t, yeah, I haven’t done that. No. What have I? You don’t what is it? You don’t have a client problem.

You don’t have a money problem. You have a refusal to help people before. You have a refusal to help people before they pay you problem. That’s your problem? That’s it bad right there, man. You’re your problem is that that’s your 

[00:42:26] Christian: catchphrase 

[00:42:27] Karl: and you don’t even know it and you don’t have it memorized in your 

[00:42:29] Christian: mind.

So I’m going to get you to print that out. You’re going to post it up. I’m going to read it 10 times a day and then that’ll be that all right. But closest though, I can’t believe we’re at at the top of the hour here. Right? What’s the one thing, if you had to pick one singular thing that somebody can take from today and implement to their business, 

[00:42:48] Karl: The I’m just going to declutter, declutter, mine, declutter car declutter, office, declutter home, declutter life.

Just take things away and you will find, and then get really, really clear and define what that goal is. So somebody asked about, you know, getting a client, right. That’s not nearly enough. That’s, that’s fine. Right. But that’s not nearly exciting enough in terms of, you know, the overall plan that’s really going to drive you.

Cause you’re going to get a client. You could walk down the street and the chamber of commerce and offer somebody a money back guaranteed, you know, kick them in the pants to do two to two, you’d have a client you’ve got exactly what you wanted. Right. So let’s set that up properly, but if you really want to crush it, and when I say crush it, I mean really influence a lot of people locally.

You know, maybe it’s your city, maybe it’s the state. Maybe it’s the country. Maybe it’s the globe. Maybe you want to build a school. You know, You know, in a third world country and really start influencing people and get your name on a wall. That’s what you should do. Just declutter declutter. You gotta just less things going on.

Success is about focus is not focused, focuses. Subtraction focus is elimination. So, so that’s what I think shoots. Love it. It’s so true. I love that so much. 

[00:44:00] Christian: All right. Anyway, thanks for tuning into another episode of business coaching secrets with the amount of top of the hill cane, Karl. And if you’re not on the inside and getting asked to the pre-show or you aren’t getting Carl’s daily emails, you just want more information on the group coaching software and all of the bells and whistles associated with that.

Go to and learn more and subscribe today. And if you enjoyed this podcast, please share the fellow culture. Some that you think might make a great coach. And again, of course, if you like what you heard, please rate and review us. As we know that all of the streaming services give a lot of weight towards that, and we would love to continue to rise up the charts and that is it.

For another week. We will see you in the next episode. Remember progress equals happiness. Take care of. 

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