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A.C.T. Like a Champion: Being The Individual Others Want To Invest In By Gary Cassady

by | Garry Cassady, In the Magazine

When we don’t accept giving up and continue to improve, we are showing initiative and effort to get accomplish our goals. 

Let’s be direct here. How you A.C.T. is the game changer in your life.

It dictates the outcome of everything that takes place in your life, whether it’s personal or professional. Like most of you, I didn’t always know this or understand it.

I had (have) a learning disability that created constant obstacles and hurdles in my life when I was younger.

I had troubles writing, with math, and a slew of other things that led me to always feel like I was behind. It wasn’t the disability, but my response to it when I was younger that gave me the greatest challenges.

I Was Faced With: 

  • A pessimistic attitude  
  • A lack of conditioning to overcome what I was up against 
  • No techniques on how to get in the game 

Then, my defining moment, my “game-changer” happened when I met my high school wrestling coach.

He had a philosophy that was meant to inspire, but more importantly, it was meant to teach and guide people toward action to teach others how to A.C.T. like a champion, in order to become a champion.

That’s what I’m excited to share with you as you read this and it is an intricate part of how I help people today in the most rewarding profession I could imagine ever having that of coach and mentor to individuals who want to be real estate investors. 

Regardless of where you are now, regardless of the amount of money you have in your bank account, and regardless of how your current credit score may define your worth, I want you to know that if you A.C.T. like a champion, I can help you become one.

What you learn in business can carry over into all that you do in life. 

The foundation of my success in my personal and professional life is driven by this philosophy, and it means so much to me as a man, and as a mentor.

When I am speaking with people about investing and helping guide them for boundary pushing levels of achievement, I know that I am participating in something good;

I’m the coach teaching others how to A.C.T. 

The Attitude In Your A.C.T

Our attitude is the “why” in what we want to do. 

Our attitudes control how we feel and what we think all the time. So naturally, it’s important.

Everything we do in life is linked to attitude and consequently, how people perceive us and the opportunities they consider us for are linked to it.

People gravitate toward healthy attitudes and tend to stay clear of bad ones. That’s just a fact of life, one that you will be served well by if you just accept it. 

Be an authentically positive with your attitude, and you will be great.

The best ways to feel good about ourselves in our lives are to: 

  • Always keep growing. 
  • Treat our minds and bodies well by exercising and finding ways to manage stress. 
  • Not judging others, instead choosing to worry about our actions and attitude
  • Stopping feeling sorry for ourselves and our circumstances—you control your circumstances’ outcomes. 

If people notice that you do not participate in destructive behaviors, they will be attracted to you for some of the most rewarding parts of life: career, relationships, friendships, and opportunities. 

The Conditioning In Your A.C.T. 

You MUST condition your mind, body, and spirit to be successful. 

Our conditioning is our behavior, what we do every day to meet our goals.

When I was a sales rep part of my conditioning was that I had to make 100 calls in a day.

Admittedly, this took some physical conditioning, as well, because we have to have stamina and endurance.

And how do you get stamina and endurance? You guessed it conditioning! By doing this, we are better able to run the distance every day, crossing the finish line with our specific goal for that day accomplished. 

What is excellent about conditioning, is that it can be tracked easily, showing us what our progress is and if we’ve been diligent and true in our conditioning, or have “inflated” our true efforts. 

For example, if your goal is to earn $100,000.00 for your bank account in a single year you are going to need to break it down and: 

  • Determine what you are going to do every single day to build up to that dollar mount.  
  • Make sure that NOTHING stops you from putting the required time in every day to keep building toward that goal.  
  • Take care of your mind and body by treating yourself well so you have the energy and stamina to stay on course (something that requires the right attitude). 

Where many people get tripped up is that they haven’t conditioned their minds.

You have to be mentally tough to stick with things that may be “slow moving progress”.

A great ways to ensure mental toughness is to be spiritually aware. Have something to believe in and draw strength from.

You don’t have to be religious, but you have to identify the sources that bring you strength all the time. 

The Techniques In Your A.C.T.

Our trained and tested techniques are the foundation of our “success structure”

Going it alone to develop our techniques is seldom effective and can make our A.C.T. crumble, even if we have a great attitude and have been conditioning ourselves for results.

We need to have mentors!

Everyone suggests them for a reason they are highly effective! Personally, I know that my life has never been the same (in the most wonderful way) since I have taken advantage of mentors.

Furthermore, I can pinpoint exactly when I became successful, each experience being directly linked to the time, training, and guidance of a mentor.

Back in high school when I first started wrestling, I failed miserably, but coach stepped in and mentored me.

Together, we turned things around. I had to do all the work, but he offered the guidance and showed me what it felt like to find the right track, and then stay on it.

By my junior year, I was competing at the state level. 

Admittedly, I’m a sports guy. I love them.

The team, the individual effort, the motivation of a coach, it all inspires me and is something that is an intricate part of my coaching to this day.

I love to rally people toward their best efforts and show them how to A.C.T. for results.

Why? Because I know that I exploded after I found a mentor, somebody that was already doing what I was about to do. 

We can all be the most blind when it comes to assessing what our own talents and abilities are.

A mentor can show us what they see, while giving us the techniques that will help promote it and bring out our greatness.

I’ll never forget the first time I coached someone to their first successful investment real estate purchase with a private investor.

I’m not certain who was more excited, them, or me. Mentors need people to inspire just as much as people need to be inspired by mentors.

Both parties win. And in good real estate, both parties win, too. 

When We Focus On Our A.C.T., We Focus On Results 

When we A.C.T. out a plan, we better prepare ourselves to handle those “unexpected” events that inevitably come our way at some point in our lives.

After high school I got to work right away, choosing to start out in the insurance business.

I struggled for a bit, not uncommon for anyone who enters the world of adult responsibility.

It’s an adjustment at first. But I knew about the three things attitude, conditioning, and technique that would help me assimilate and grow, so I found a mentor as quickly as I could.

Not surprisingly, it made a huge difference. 

First, I was able to get promoted to district manager. 

Next, I was promoted to regional manager. 

Finally, I opened up my own agency. Things were going great and I was working my plan, enjoying life, and feeling the rewards. 

Then… Along came the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and I learned that despite my success and climb up the ladder, I was going to have to look for a new career.

That’s how I ended up in real estate investing.

I’d researched and made a call that I had the attitude, conditioning, and ability to learn the techniques to succeed.

The first thing I did was find a mentor; somebody that was already doing what I was just starting to do. 

People asked me if I was afraid. Was I? Not really; I understand fear and through what I’ve learned in life, I know how to use it for motivation, not to stifle me.

Far too many people stop success from happening because they are driven by fear instead of the A.C.T. of success. 

Fear is a huge thing. For anyone to overcome it they have to begin by taking little baby steps to get it under control and then figure out how within their abilities they can begin using it to their advantage.

What you’ve read about is the basic formula for making this happen. It is the A.C.T. of a champion that gets results, regardless of where you’re starting or how far you wish to go. 

Champions think differently and it shows in their actions. 

For example, a champion does not think or say, “Oh man, I’ve got to make another phone call.” Instead, they’re like, “Hey, I have got to make this call before I can get another appointment.”

You see, you’re only as good as your next appointment, match, project, property purchase, etc. Champions don’t dwell in the past, they keep moving forward and thinking of new things, improving and growing along the way.

Nobody knows this better than entrepreneurs.

Those committed to pursuing their dreams are often 24/7 in their efforts. They are up late and then up early.

They do things that everyone is not willing to do, which is part of their rising success. 

Personally, my time to be better physically is one of the most inspiring, charge me up times of the day for me.

While everyone else is mostly sleeping in the early morning, I’m at the gym working out.

There are a few other diehards that are there almost daily, but not too many. Was it always easy to get up that early to make sure I had time for this important part of my day?

No, but now, I’m excited for it and if I’d miss it, I’d feel like I was missing out on something good for me.

And by the time I’m leaving, I’m spiritually alive, energized for my day, and smiling at the yawning people coming in the gym as I walk out. It’s success in practice. 

What really resonates with me about success, and that I try to help guide my coaching clients to experiencing firsthand, is the mindset of successful people and their lack of worry that it’s all going to just go away.

If there is no sale in the middle of the workweek, they don’t dwell and worry, they take action and keeping growing and going in a positive direction.

They know that their behavior is directly linked to their outcome.

Mentally and physically, they’re still in the game and they know it’s only halftime and that commitment to maximizing their time will help to yield the results they seek. 

What Will Your Actions Say About You? 

We don’t need to tell people that we are doing the things that others don’t want to do to earn our success and achieve our goals.

They will be able to tell because they will be inspired by how we A.C.T. like a champion. 

I specialize in helping people show that they have value and are individuals worth taking a risk on.

We all have it in us, but few of us actually go the distance and implement the winning game plan into our lives.

Maybe it’s human nature, maybe it’s a habit, but maybe just maybe it doesn’t have to be that way for YOU. 

One of the most definitive things about real estate investing is that you don’t just to go to school to learn what you need to do and then be off and on your way.

A team strategy is required to properly mentor people (of all ages, backgrounds, and desires) so that they can recognize the attitude that will help them condition themselves to master the techniques that will lead to their success.

Everyone can do this with the right training, but few will. Which one are you?

That’s the biggest question you face today. 

A.C.T. Like a Champion: Being The Individual Others Want To Invest In By Gary Cassady
Gary Cassady

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