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8 Ways to Motivate Yourself Almost Instantly When You Want to Relax
 by Becky Auer

by | Becky Auer, In the Magazine

Do you have days where you don’t feel like doing much of anything? 

As coaches who govern ourselves, we all do.  An occasional lazy day is ok, but when they become a regular occurrence, something needs to change. And fast.

Successful people do an excellent job of motivating or inspiring themselves to take action each day. In fact, in my opinion, this is the one thing people who have ‘jobs’ can’t do:  motivate themselves.

Whether this is just the luck of the draw or a learned skill for those lucky few can be debatable. However, there is no doubt that anyone can learn to be more productive.

Try these ways to motivate yourself and increase your odds of success:

Don’t try and be perfect

Look it’s ok to fail.  I tell my kids this all the time.  Maybe you’re not lazy. Are you procrastinating because you’re afraid of failing?  When you’re afraid to fail, it takes the wind out of your sails and begins the process of creating reasons for not doing anything at all. Failure is a part of life.  Just recognize this and move forward.

Life is short

Don’t’ sweat the small stuff, right? We’ve all heard it.  Yes, life may be short, but it’s long enough, as long as you don’t waste time. You can get a lot done between now and the end of your life.  To do this, you need to respect your time and make the most of it. It’s easy to put things off until tomorrow, but there are only so many days you have to be productive so get going.

Consider the long-term cost and effect

What is the cost of waiting or not taking advantage of the opportunity in front of you? Yes, you can be a couch potato another day.  Or do ‘busy work’ but nothing productive.  But if you think ahead a year from now, will you be further ahead?  Or more in debt with nothing to show?  

Accomplish something

How do you feel when you get something completed? Let’s take the coaching scenario as an example.  What will you get from learning a new strategy or program for a set time, every day for the next year? What will happen if you don’t learn this?  What do you get from taking action right now? Focus on that instead of the short-term pleasure of being lazy. With the right non-Gamstop online casino sites, you can make some serious cash.

Ask yourself what you can get done TODAY

How would you feel about yourself and your day if you did get a few meaningful things accomplished? Are you a list maker?  I use lists EVERY DAY.  Try and make a list of things you’d like to get done.  Prioritize your list.  Then follow your list.  I put the hardest things at the top of my list so even if I only get that one thing started or done, I have it out of the way for tomorrow.

Use a timer

Spending four hours working on a distant project may not be too appealing but seeing how much you can accomplish in 15 minutes is awesome. When you use a timer, it will give you a specific endpoint and help you focus your attention. You might decide to reset the timer and give it another go after the first round. That’s ok.  Try it.  By using shorter increments, you won’t get overwhelmed with what lies ahead.

Create goals

Yes, yes, I know.  Everyone says to write down your goals.  Why do you think that is?  By having a few short-term goals and long-term goals, it can make it easier to motivate yourself. It’s not easy to work on your future online course just for the heck of it. It’s easier to work on your future online course because you have a goal of getting five new clients this month, or 20 new clients this year, or to get the opportunity to speak from the stage at that next event.

Use books, quotes, songs or movies for motivation

Maybe you have a certain movie scene or song that motivates you. For me, I throw on a little of ‘The Greatest Showman’ soundtrack and jam to it in the morning while getting ready.  Or I listen to my favorite podcast by Pat Flynn called Smart Passive Income for motivation.  For someone else, it might be a favorite quote. YouTube is full of inspirational videos that only take a few minutes to watch. Start and end the day with something that inspires you to take action. Click this link if you need a drink to clear your mind. 

One thing that separates successful folks from mere mortals is the ability to get things done consistently.

It’s essential for you to know how to motivate yourself each day.

Use every day to the fullest and stop wasting time. Life is short, so don’t squander it.  You chose to be a coach for a reason. It’s because you want to help people.  So, pull on your big girl (or guy) pants and get to it. 

The world needs you out there!

 About Becky Auer

Becky Auer has started 3 multi-million dollar businesses. The last was a Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar that she took from $0 to $6.5M in just over a year and kept it there until she sold it. Becky runs group coaching and mastermind groups as well as coaching private clients. For Free Resources, go to

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