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7 Steps to an Automated 7 Figure Business with Ted Ciuba

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like not to have to worry about a lack of leads? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have so many leads coming in that you sort through them to choose the most promising ones and discard or delegate the rest?

Cold calling does work. I don’t want to mislead you there. There are a lot of very good coaches who got their start that way, and there are several direct sales organizations, particularly in the finance industry, that still rely on it as their primary outreach method. It’s manual labor however, and it doesn’t work for most people – and coaches are no exception. They can’t get themselves to do it. The reason why most people don’t cold call is because they’ve experienced firsthand that it’s futile, time consuming, demoralizing and very hard to do. There is a better way.

Imagine a business in which you wake up, check your online calendar full of qualified, eager appointments with people who already know what you do and are asking for your time. Imagine no more gatekeeper strategies. Imagine no more wondering when a supposed prospect promises to call you back if that’s just their polite way of escaping your clutches forever.

A person who has few leads just doesn’t know how easy it is to get leads. As a business coach you’re floating in a sea of leads. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, at the time of the 2010 census there were 27.9 million small businesses in the U.S. alone. And there are 11.5 million formally organized businesses worldwide. Now, granted not all of those would be your prospects since I’m assuming you have a niche, but you can find lots of leads in your niche too. You can find lists for most professions.

However, unless they’re qualified to do business with you by being a fit for the problem you solve and having the money and the desire to solve that problem, leads are just trash. Worse, bad leads can distract you and deplete your time and resources so you miss out on the real opportunities vying for your attention. What you really need is an online lead generation system that brings you qualified, eager leads and a strong closing system that allows you to close them at an effective ROI.

A system that can be automated, that singles out your specific target audience and makes them prove they want to talk to you. That can make you prosperous beyond your dreams. In a big ticket business such as business coaching, reaching the brass ring of seven figures is not only possible, but by executing on the right strategy, it’s probable. After all, reaching six figures is accomplished by only acquiring ten $10,000 customers, which is actually very easy to do. And hitting seven figures only requires 100 of those same customers. However, getting from 10 to 100 without technology is nearly impossible.

Starting in this issue and continuing into the next issue, I’ll reveal an elegant, amazingly simply seven step system that anyone who is savvy with marketing, words and technology can put together within a single month. And if it’s beyond you or your team’s capacity to pull this off, you can hire it done instead.

As a business coach you’re in a fortunate position. You already have the first essential to making a lucrative income – a big ticket niche. Once you have your big ticket expertise and the ability to close those qualified prospects you get in front of, getting leads becomes the heartbeat of your business. Getting your system tweaked with a strong, automated lead generation process is the component that can take you to the coveted seven figure mark.

There are seven steps in this system which span the three aspects of a profitable sales process – the core expertise, lead generation, and the closing process. Step one relates to the expertise – that’s your business coaching. Steps two through six are part of the lead generation aspect of your sales process, and finally step seven, the strategy session, is where you do the close.

The seven steps to an automated 7-figure business coaching practice are:

  1. A Big Ticket Niche
  2. Facebook
  3. A Landing Page
  4. An Automated Webinar
  5. Online Scheduling
  6. A Survey
  7. The Strategy Session

Other than having and performing your core expertise and conducting the strategy sessions, all the other steps are done hands-free. You never talk to prospects until they’ve worked their way through the system – and provided you with vital intel in the process.

This is the exact process we follow ourselves and for our clients. And this, or a close adaptation of it is the same system employed and recommended by today’s heaviest hitters on the internet. I’m talking about those who charge $50,000 or more for a single day consult with them – people such as Frank Kern, Ted McGrath, and Dave VanHoose. Next, we examine each step in the system (the first two in this article, and the final five in the follow-up article that continues in the next issue).

#1 – A Big Ticket Niche

The qualifying factor is a high revenue business with an adequate base of prospects. You, as a business coach, fit that profile perfectly. Business coaches typically offer services that run $1,000 – $2,000 and more. By the time it’s billed out over the months of the coaching relationship – that totals $10,000 – $20,000 and up. That’s a high revenue business. Your customer value can easily afford the investment in advertising.

#2 – Facebook

If you don’t already know, Facebook is where the action is today. It’s where the people are. Right now Facebook is hands down the #1 place to get clients for your coaching and consulting business. There’s never been a better, easier, faster or cheaper time in history to target your perfect prospect. On Facebook, you only pay for click-throughs, not the people who see your ads.

Remember the old days when you approached a publication and they talked about their circulation numbers? Circulation numbers don’t matter to you. All that matters is the people who are in the niche you serve are your prospects. But far better than that, the only ones who matter to you are the people who are your prospects and who want to know about you – and that’s what a click-through is. When you do spend money, you’re spending money wisely.

By the way, while I recommend Facebook, I’m not eliminating SEO which is Search Engine Optimization, LinkedIn, Google AdWords or even, as already mentioned, cold calling. And then there’s conventional advertising. In an ideal world, you might use all of these at appropriate times in appropriate circumstances.

I can guarantee you we never create a web post or page that doesn’t incorporate best SEO practices. But the value of SEO is declining. All the search engines make their money off advertising. That should say enough.

Go to Google today and see how many of the top spaces are paid ads rather than free ads. What comes after the paid ads are the authority sites, like Wikipedia and the New York Times. You could never get up there with SEO. It’s futile.

We also consistently use Google AdWords. It depends on the client and the solution they offer. AdWords works great when people are in a situation where there’s an urgent search and they’re making a decision that way. Think of a plumber… Someone wakes up at 2 a.m. and they’ve got a water leak in their house. They need a solution now.

For a business coach, Facebook is the preferred alternative. You can target with precision on Facebook which you can’t do at all on Google. You’re just relying on them to search.

The selects on Facebook allow you to present your message only to those likely to be interested in what you’re offering – people performing in your niche. You can select by demographics, and if it applies, by age, sex, and race. You can select and narrow down your audience by interests, by behaviors, by associations, and by affiliations. It makes it so easy and so precise. I’ve heard it said that it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, and I agree.

Then you create the ad. You’ve seen probably hundreds or thousands of them. It’s only a few lines of copy, a URL, a graphic and a call to action button. There’s a science behind it of course, and ideally, you’re going to be optimizing your ad as the results from your variations come in. Different images can make a vast difference in response. Different headlines and different copy, different offers can make big differences. But you’ll never know if you don’t test several variations. It’s standard marketing practice to test your efforts because you’ll find what works, what doesn’t work and what you want to run with. That’s how you drive your ROI up. It’s easy to do on Facebook.

As a sophisticated further technique, you can remarket to people who click on your ad but don’t sign up for a strategy session. And you can do that for literal pennies. Facebook knows who clicked on your ad. Even though it costs a pretty bit to get them there the first time, remarketing can be done for a song.

To sum it up, you begin with targeted prospects, people who are likely to be interested in the solution you offer. When they click through, they raise their hands and tell you, “I’m interested!” Now instead of cold calling and trying to break into someone’s schedule and the world, you’re talking to someone who has said, “I’m interested,” who comes to you and who wants to know more.

What do you need to make Facebook work? You need to learn how to create and run ads that convert. That means you need to know a little bit about copywriting, graphics, design, ad tracking and analysis. Fortunately Facebook, who wants to sell advertising, makes it easy. They offer free training on all aspects of targeting, designing, placing and tracking ads. Check out their resources on

In the next issue, I’ll continue with the final 5 steps of this system to an automated 7-figure business coaching practice. Tune in then.


 About Teb Ciuba

Ted Ciuba, known as America’s foremost internet marketing consultant, made his first money online in 1994 and went on to form World Internet Summit, the largest and the longest running entrepreneurial internet marketing training organization in the world. He knows from the trenches of his own business and of thousands of clients worldwide what’s working at this moment and what’s not. He works with coaches, consultants, speakers and authors to set up online lead generation and closing systems so you make an impact with your message, product or service; get more qualified eager leads; close more high-paying clients; amplify your cash flows and increase profitability; reduce your workload; and build a scalable, sellable business in a predictable down-to-the-dollar-and-day way so you enjoy the freedom, security, and lifestyle you’ve always wanted. You can contact Ted Ciuba via the contact form at or

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