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Answering “What do you do?” with Adrian Ulsh

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In my series of articles in this magazine I’ve been revealing to you the 30 fundamentals required to build a successful business.

Last time, I briefed you on the third critical fundamental small business owners must have… understanding your prospect’s decision-making process.

Now let’s discuss fundamental number four… creating your compelling message.

This may be one of the most important business fundamentals you will develop that can have a direct impact on the ultimate success of your client. Here’s why.

Suppose you’re a real estate agent attending a networking event loaded with real estate investors. These investors are looking for the hottest deals in the market. During the networking session, many of these investors will approach you and ask… “what do you do?” How you respond to that question could make you millions… or devastate your business.

If you simply respond by saying “I sell real estate,” the response you get will be a glazed-over expression. In fact, they will probably be looking for the nearest exit.

But what if you responded to this investor by saying something like this…

“I help savvy real estate investors take full advantage of the current drop in real estate values by showing them how to acquire multimillion dollar homes for no money down and add millions to their net worth overnight.” Think that might grab an investor’s attention?

Suppose your speaking with someone interested in buying a new home, and they ask you what you do. What if you responded by saying… “I help people buy a home larger than they thought they could afford!” Think that might grab that individual’s attention? Think that might compel that person to want to know more with a high probability of engaging you as their agent?

These short, powerful and compelling responses are known as elevator pitches, and if you don’t have one for every potential situation your client may find themselves in, they’re leaving money on the table… a LOT of money!

Here is a 10 Second Elevator Pitch Template that will help you get started building this critcally important message for your coaching clients…

(I / We) (action verb – help, guide, teach, review, provide, consult with, present, aid, assist, support, grant, give, award, evaluate, assess)

(negative emotions being experienced – frustrated, furious, overwhelmed, clueless, demanding, frightened, desperate, struggling, angry, concerned, worried)

(ideal client description – dog lovers, young adults, chronic pain sufferers, overweight men, homeowners, business owners, brides-to-be, new mothers)

who want to (what they want – increase their profits, find an honest plumber, purchase that perfect diamond, find the relief they need, find the best deal)

(solution – discover a process, learn a fast and easy way, create the perfect solution, uncover the best method, determine the number one reason, realize the best course of action, find the dramatic solution, locate the best deal, position themselves, place themselves first, find out everything they need to know)

to / so that they can (list 3 benefits – live a pain free life, build the business of their dreams, finally give the perfect gift, feel they’re getting the most value for the money they pay, pay the lowest price, receive the highest value, obtain the best guarantee, receive award-winning service, receive the highest level of expertise at the lowest possible price).

When you can help your client’s develop powerful and compelling messages like this, they will immediately stand out from the crowd and see instant increases in both their revenue and profits.

In future articles, I’ll continue to reveal these critical fundamentals, and how their application will greatly impact the businesses you coach… both professionally and financially.

So until next time,

Adrian Ulsh


 About Adrian Ulsh

Adrian Ulsh is the CEO for Leader Publishing Worldwide, the largest online provider of coaching services worldwide. Adrian currently works with more than 500 coaches in 24 countries advising them on building 6 and 7 figure coaching practices.

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